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Are you interested in learning the art of long-exposure photography? Through this photographic style that involves using long exposures or slow shutter speeds, explore ways to visualise and experience Len Lye's sculpture and how he composed with motion.

Long exposure photography isn't especially gear intensive. You need a camera, you can even get away with using a smartphone - and you will definitely need a tripod.

This workshop will introduce you to a new way of taking photos, led by Ngāmotu professional photographer Michelle Porter.

Michelle is a New Plymouth based commercial, wedding and portrait Photographer. On her creative journey she had gained a degree in 3D Design from Unitec NZ and a Post Grad Diploma in Professional Photography from the London College of Printing. She has taught photography to teenagers in Auckland and Tibetan refugees in India.


  • $10


  • Sun 25 Feb


  • 1:00 pm — 3:00 pm


  • Govett Brewster Art Gallery
  • 42 Queen Street
  • Ngāmotu New Plymouth