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Woven within our current exhibition Te Hau Whakatonu: A Series of Never-Ending Beginnings, the Whaiwhakaaro speakers’ series is an opportunity for you to participate and explore the narratives that exists within and between the works on show.

Join Ngāneko Eriwata and Vallance Wrathall as they walk through Te Hau Whakatonu, activating kōrero between three works of their choosing.

Whaiwhakaaro literally means to follow the thought…to seek knowledge was to follow the thought wherever it took you… whatever the immediate enlightenment might be…’
– Moana Jackson

Ngāneko Eriwata is from Puketapu and Otaraua Hapū of Te Āti Awa Iwi. Ngāneko works at Te Korimako o Taranaki and iStudio. An artist, singer songwriter, a poet, a teacher - her heart is with her children and taking the responsibilities on her marae at Muru Raupatu.

Vallance Wrathall, a celebrated emerging fine arts practioner of Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Ruanui, Ngā Ruahine and Kai Tahu descent, originates from the scenic landscapes of Taranaki, New Zealand. Possessing a remarkable attention to detail and a strong affinity for this whenua, Vallance embarked on his artistic odyssey at The Western Institute of Technology (WITT). There, he achieved a Diploma in Creative Technologies, which not only refined his technical prowess but also fostered a deep comprehension of the interplay between art and culture. Vallance's art is a reflection of his intimate relationship with Taranaki, capturing the essence of its rugged coastlines, lush forests, and the spiritual significance of Māori culture.


  • Free


  • Thu 25 Jan


  • 6:00 pm — 7:30 pm


  • Govett Brewster Art Gallery
  • 42 Queen Street
  • Ngāmotu New Plymouth