• Joshua Koolik

Joshua Koolik is an American artist working in painting, sculpture, dance, photography, and performance. In Being the Artist, he courageously ventures deep into the role of THE ARTIST —in pursuit of HONESTY, CONNECTION, and what is BEAUTIFUL.

Koolik’s gorgeous, energetic paintings are a meditation on COLOR, FORMLESSNESS, and GOOD VIBES! Deep breath in, deep breath out (he worked hard so you can ENJOY them). Ceramic figures dancing around the gallery exude EMOTION; they are an ultimate expression of his GAY SUBJECTIVITY. A video of the artist’s own BALLET performance is projected on the wall, while a (HOT) series of photographs reveals his painting PROCESS.

Opening Hours

  • 11am - 4pm


  • George Fraser Gallery
  • 25 Princes Street
  • Auckland CBD