• Wayne Youle

Wayne Youle is an artist who works adeptly across any medium he turns his hand to; but it is sculpture that has always kept him most engaged, cultivating his creativity and challenging his thought processes. 


‘If I could choose only one medium for the rest of my time, it would be sculpture. I love the level of decision making, trouble shooting, textures, smells, and possibilities.’ 


For Youle’s end of year exhibitions at {Suite} Ponsonby and {Suite} Wellington, the artist presents a major body of sculpture titled New Works (and not so new works), containing new constructions as well as a selection of earlier important works from his studio.


Blessed with a can-do attitude and an aversion to idleness, 2022 saw Youle make works that he had always wanted to make but hadn’t realised, such as fibreglass Jump works from his McCahon House Residency, and sculptures based on the refinement and architecture of his stay in Berlin in 2019. Combining found objects with beautifully hand-crafted timber or cast metals, Youle brings a sense of history, elegance, and humour to these new works.


Completing the two shows for the end of the year has bought a sense of fulfillment to Youle. Struggling with a lack of inspiration earlier in the year, sage advice from a senior NZ artist ensured that he responded to the ebbs and flows of creativity. The sun rises each morning, and a new day can bring a new perspective and creative possibilities. 

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm
  • Saturday, 10am-4pm


  • 241 Cuba Street
  • Wellington, 6011