The presence of liquid water on its surface is the defining characteristic of our planet. Whether in clouds or mist, as ice or sea, or in every variety of stream and river, water has fascinated and inspired artists for centuries. We invite artists to submit works in response to this theme.

Selected original works completed in the last 12 months will be eligible for a President’s Prize of $1500 and Curator’s Prize of $1500 and five Merit Awards of $200. These will be awarded at the opening Gala on Thursday 11 January 2024 5:30 – 7:30pm. 

Entries close at 10 am Monday 4 December and artists will be notified of selection on 11 December. Final delivery of selected artwork will be due by 4pm on Sunday 7 January (5pm Friday 5 January for courier deliveries). Exhibition is from 12 January to 11 February 2024.

Apply now.