Earlier this year, on the edge of uncertainty at the beginning of our nationwide lockdown, Gow Langsford Gallery wrote to their database of collectors: "In art, we find different ways of looking at the world around us. It gives us inspiration and for centuries artists have offered hope of a future beyond their current circumstances. Artists can articulate and express what words do not. Today it is the same. Even in these most surreal times, history tells us that art endures.''

And endured it has. This year has undoubtedly been a demanding one and Gow Langsford feels, more than ever, a responsibility to foster the future of New Zealand art.

In February this year the gallery mounted their first New Graduate exhibition, with the vision that this would become an annual event. Unfortunately, with the disruption of 2020 and the impact this has had on graduating exhibitions Gow Langsford are unable to host the 2021 exhibition.

Instead the gallery are thrilled to announce a Gow Langsford Graduate prize. $5,000 will be awarded to an outstanding recent Visual Arts graduate who has demonstrated excellence and resilience in their field.

"In recent years we have focused our charitable efforts on community based organisations and have amongst others raised money for The Auckland City Mission, Mapura Studios and World Vision; this year it seems pertinent to support what is at the core of our business and recognise emerging talent."

An outline of the award can be seen below and the full details will be announced in the New Year.


The recipient will be awarded a prize of $5,000.

Artists must have finished an undergraduate or higher qualification in 2019 or 2020 and be nominated by a lecturer or curator from a recognized institution. Each institution may nominate a maximum of 5 candidates.

Entries open on 1 February and close on 1 March 2021. Application details and nomination process and judges will be added to the gallery's website when the applications open.

For any enquiries please contact the gallery.