• Visit Elisabeth's artist pages on the gallery's website here to see images of her works, bio, and CV.

Jhana Millers Gallery is pleased to announce that they now represent Elisabeth Pointon.

Elisabeth is an early-career artist from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. Her work has been exhibited at a number of significant institutions, including the Dowse Art Museum in Te Awakairangi, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū and City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi. Elisabeth has a new exhibition coming up with Christopher Ulutupu at Pataka Art + Museum in Porirua in November.

Elisabeth is known for her aerial banners, lightboxes, and large inflatable works, most recently working with Tiffany & Co. for the Auckland Art Fair Projects on a large inflatable text work titled WHOEVER.

Language, accessibility, visibility, and representation are a continued interest in Elisabeth’s practice, drawing on her experiences in the workplace and in the art world. She riffs on advertising devices — banners, blimps, signage, and flailing tube men. The phrases she favours — ‘BIG DEAL.’, ‘SPECTACULAR.’, ‘WAY TO GO.’ — are the effusive language of sales floors and workplace affirmations. The full stop is often employed by Elisabeth to complete the titles of her works – indicating the end of a conversation, the beginning of a new thought or a space to breathe.

An important element of Elisabeth’s practice is institutional critique. She responds to the failings or limitations of galleries, gallerists, and curators in ways pointed and subtle. As a queer woman of colour, she recognises that artists like her are still shown relatively infrequently by public institutions, and are constantly at risk of being side-lined or tokenised. Elisabeth creates works that are bold and outlandishly grand, seizing opportunities to occupy the most space that she can, and pushing the limits of what an early-career artist can achieve.

Elisabeth has a large inflatable work, BIG WIN., in Jhana Millers' current exhibition, THE BIG THREE, and the gallery are looking forward to working with Elisabeth and the team at Yu Mei on a collaborative project for TENT in the Yu Mei lounge in Newmarket in November. TENT is a new Art Weekend taking place throughout Aotearoa and online and presented by the team who deliver the Aotearoa Art Fair.

Visit Elisabeth's artist pages on the gallery's website here to see images of her works, bio, and CV.